News 27 July 2024

27 July 2024:

The new flexible foam surround 5"RF-2X, specially designed by Audiofriends for the RFT BR50, BR25, BR26, L7102, etc, will be available soon:

24 June 2024:

A Bang & Olufsen CX50, CX100 etc. excellent bass reproduction from these small speakers (tested). The surround is made of a good durable and flexible material.
The 4”BEO-SX edge is specially made for the Bang & Olufsen CX100, CX50, C75, C40 and C30. (NOT for B&O C30 / C40 - 8480143 6Ω.)

17 January 2024:

Because eBay and eBay's customers continued to haunt us in often not positive ways, we closed eBay altogether for good, with 25,000 good feedbacks and many more sales.
After 20 years, we have the Audiofriends account completely deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

11 July 2023:

11 April 2023:
New short videos about how and what the Bose 901 speaker units:

22 December 2022:
Bose 901:
The M-ROLL RUBBER 4”AF-BS surround is specially designed for the Bose 901, 802 and other Bose speakers with this speaker unit. This edge is also designed according to the guidelines to switch from a foam surround to a rubber surround. This means, among other things, a light-moving mass of the M-ROLL.Furthermore, a somewhat more sturdy outer ring for a good mounting on the frame of the speaker. And indeed, you can enjoy your speakers for a lifetime. This is also good for the environment.
5 December 2022:

25 October 2022:

7 May 2022:
Our new 8 inch 8"A-SX surround:
1 March 2022:
Zie our Facebook account for beautiful pictures and information, for instance the Audio Note AN-E LX HE:

1 March 2022:
For Bowers & Wilkins DM602 and DM604 new picture on our Webshop:
6 July 2021:
New homepage in Dutch, German and English with introduction video:
4 March 2021:
For repair of various 6,5" Scan-Speak and SEAS speakers with an inverted surround: original new surrounds:
3 March 2021:
Focal / JMlab: Repair the foam ring as original on your tweeter with simple tools:

8 January 2021:
We have all the surrounds for the Focal Temptation.
8 January 2021:
New flexible surrounds for instance for the Orbid Sound Neptun:

15 March 2020:
New photo's for Kurt Müller surrounds for Dynaudio speakers. The SR115/2 in rubber and the SR192/2 in foam:

17 December 2019:
Dustcaps for the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000/3500:
2 december 2019:
Independent test also indicates that Audiofriends has the best glue. We go for the best quality:

25 October 2019:
Dented dust cap of paper repaired visually and technically. The dust cap isn't just to avoid dust. Certain the paper solid ones play the high frequencies of the speaker. Therefore it’s important to get the dented paper dust cap not only visually correct, but also technically correct. That’s what we’re going to do in this video: The speaker in the video is a midrange out of a Bang & Olufsen Penta. See also for more manuals:
11 september 2019:
THE rubber surround 4"AF-86B (specially manufactured for Audiofriends out of natural rubber) for your Bang & Olufsen C30, C40, C50, C75 and CX100:

7 May 2019:
23 April 2019:
Hints for various speaker repairs:
- Restore CDs.
- Speaker clotch replace.

17 april 2019: New website for all yor refoam-manuals:
17 april 2019: New - well tested - flat foam surround for the Audax MHD12 P25. Perfect shape and perfect sound. Only at Audiofriends.

4 July 2018: New: You can now also search the list 'Surrounds by size' at the left in the webshop.

4 juni 2018: B&O Beolab 6000/3500 manual / video simple total repair with rubber surrounds and sealing material:

10 March 2018: B&O Penta new manual / video:

28 december 2017: Syringe

21 december 2017: for all our manuals in video and PDF.

December 2017: Manual-videos from Audiofriends overview on Youtube.
November 2017: Audiofriends is completely SSL-protocol safe:
November 2017: New repair video on YouTube in English

October 2017: New flat edges for the Audax PR17, MHD17, HD17, PRD17 manufactured by Audiofriends. Sizes and material identical to original.

September 2017: New video for the repair of the plastic surrounds into rubber surrounds of the B&O Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 and Beolab 3500 with voice-over (English) and more information:

September 2017: New video for the repair of the plastic surrounds into rubber surrounds of the B&O Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 and Beolab 3500:

September 2017: We have manufactured the perfect rubber surrounds for replacement of the surrounds of the Bowers & Wilkins Sorrente series. These gray surrounds often become hard and at the end tear apart. Audiofriends also made a matching video to make simple tools a perfect result:

April 2017: Coming soon: rubber surrounds special made for the Bowers & Wilkins Sorrento speaker sersies...

October 2016: Special made surrounds by Audiofriends for the SEAS F-M11. The surround is called AF-SE.

Januari 2016: New surrounds made by Audiofriends: for Grundig 7 inch speakers (Audiorama 4000/8000 etc.), Fostex 180N, Vifa 6,5 inch and others.

December 2015: We take no more orders to private persons adressed to a company. This because of major problems by receiving the goods.

December 2015: many new surrounds

September 2015: Because the 'login' function gives problems most times by using it as giving there new address, we removed this feature.

April 2015: New 'inverted' foam surround for Peerless KO40MRF. See also

January 2015: New 2"FO-2 for the Focal tweeters. t = 1,0mm.

Oktober 2014: New 5"KFO-X, genuine very flexible rubber surrounds for the KEF B110 and Bang & Olufsen Penta.

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