Surrounds designed by Audiofriends

For the best repair of the surrounds of speakers we had these more than 25 unique edges specially made to specification, because we were not satisfied with the offer on the market.
And as hi-fi enthusiasts, we want speakers to get the best parts.

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Bose 901 mk3, mk4, mk5 en mk6: The M-ROLL rubber 4”AF-BS surround is specially designed for the Bose 901 and other Bose speakers with this speaker unit.
This edge is also designed according to the guidelines to switch from a foam surround to a rubber surround. This means, among other things, a light-moving mass of the M-ROLL.
Furthermore, a somewhat more sturdy outer ring for a good mounting on the frame of the speaker. And indeed, you can enjoy your speakers for a lifetime. This is also good for the environment.

For repair Peerless KO40-MRF midrange / speaker as original with inverted foam surround.
This surround is indeed rare, especially designed for a Peerless midrange. The surround is as original flexible, but not very flexible.

For repair KEF RR103.4, RR104.2, RR105.3, RR107, RR107.2, RR102.2, RR103.3 speaker / woofer as original with flexible foam surround / donut.
Some extra explanation. This surround for the KEF RR series is also known as a donut-dustcap.
We designed this donut for two reasons. First reason, this dustcap should function as a dustcap, and give very small mechanical resistance as original.

Secondly, de KEF RR103.4 needs an inner diameter of this donut dustcap of 16 mm. That’s different as for instance the dustcap of the RR104.2 with an inner diameter of 22 mm.
We designed the flexible dustcap, with the right dimensions and flexibility for all KEF RR speakers with a donut-dustcap.

For repair Audax PR17, MHD17, HD17, PRD17 midrange as original with foam surround / ring.
A flat ring made for Audax midrange speakers. As other models we first bought an existing Audax midrange speaker and made a perfect aftermarket surround.
For repair Focal / JMlab tweeter / speaker as original with flexible foam ring / surround. With repair-video.
This little ring is designed for all kind of Focal inverted tweeters. This ring is not unique for this tweeter.
But we made it exactly as the original. See the picture shown of an original Focal new tweeter with original ring, compared to our ring.

For repair B&W DM602, DM604, etc. speaker / woofer with special long-life flexible rubber surround. With repair-video.
P.S. Long-life flexible surround especially designed for the Bower & Wilkins DM602 and DM604 series.
With dimensions very close to the original surround. We choose black rubber for a really long-life 100% rubber version.

This rubber surround is specially designed for the Bang & Olufsen Penta.
As you can see, the roll is very thin, to make it a well replacement for the original foam ring. The rubber version however is a 100% rubber long-life surround.

This is a long-life flexible 100% rubber surround for the small Bang & Olufsen speakers like the CX100, CX50, etc.
The outer edge of the surround has some more thickness for easy mounting. The roll is very flexible.

Actually as far as we know this item is not anywhere on the internet for the B&O Penta, but necessary.
This is the replacement of the also original foam ring between a speaker unit from the Penta and the baffle of the Penta it selves.

This long-life 100% rubber surround is especially designed for the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 / 3500.
This surround is tested by specialists, and on a pair of Beolab 6000 speakers. We by the way still have these speakers. With repair-video.

We couldn’t find a good surround to repair the SEAS 11F-M H143 midrange speaker. So we designed a flexible perfect fitting one.

Originally this foam surround is designed to repair Vifa, but this 8”VF-S is also a perfect flexible surround for different speakers like the Infinity Kappa 80, 61mk2 and a lot of other speakers.

We could not  find a flexible fitting surround to repair different Vifa woofers, also mounted in the Dali 104.

Especially designed as surround to repair the Fostex FW180 and FW180N speaker.
This surround is specially designed for different JBL speakers with some rare dimension woofers.
This surround is perfect for the JBL TLX160, TLX180, LX600, etc, but also for other speakers like the Infinity Kappa 90.

We could not find a flexible surround with these dimensions. Perfect for a lot of 12 inch woofers like in the Infinity Kappa series.

We missed this size and flexibility, especially for the Mission 73 series.