Bang & Olufsen

B&O also often used a so-called 'closed system' for its loudspeakers. This means that the air volume in the cabinet must ensure the damping of the cone. This is because the damping of an air plug is much more linear than a mechanical damping. The mechanical damping is of the so called spider ring under the cone, and the foam surround or rubber surrounds connected to the cone. You understand that for the correct working of this system the foam or rubber surround must be flexible. That is why we pay close attention to this, and do we have flexible surrounds for woofers.
For the beautiful B&O Penta speaker we have requested the help of a B&O specialist for the proper manufacturing of the foam surroundsfor repair. The result may be there. Perfect fit and flexibility! (See our pictures of repaired Bang & Olufsen Penta surrounds.)
See also our video-manual.