1. Why buy from Audiofriends?

1. Why you should buy from Audiofriends.
Audiofriends is a non-profit website, for and by hi-fi hobbyists.  We are not just any trading company that would sell underwear if we could make a better profit, but an organisation with deep roots in the hi-fi world.
With this background, we always make all possible efforts to provide our customers with the right surround rims (surrounds).
We have a great variety of foam (+rubber) surrounds for almost every type of speaker. We develop the surround rims in 3D and commission the production of our designs. With our product range, we sell to companies throughout the world.
Reasons to buy from Audiofriends?
  1. For specially sized speakers we have dozens of surrounds, especially produced with original dimensioning as well as various original foam/rubber surrounds. We also commission the manufacture of customised surrounds. This means that we can deliver surrounds that nobody else can supply!
  2. More than 150 different surround rims.
  3. Many manuals / video’s (free) on internet with numerous colour photos and videos.
  4. Surround are indicated in 5 sizes so you can check for yourself whether or not they fit.

  5. Shipping in plastic + sturdy box, against deforming/damage (draught seal)
  6. Indication of flexibility/compliance if it differs from the standard pliability.
  7. Brush, 50 different dust caps, and excellent speaker glue available.
  8. Help desk (by e-mail) of experts with more than 14 years of experience.

Therefore, we say:
Audiofriends: for The Best Quality!

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