6. Before buying surrounds(?)

6. What do I have to pay attention to before buying surrounds?
Audiofriends is precise with regard to dimensioning. Please note: Audiofriends will keep an eye on the things listed below. If you provide us with the dimensions or a well-known type of speaker, we will make sure you receive the correct surround surround.
The surround have to fit perfectly. If the cone is ‘hidden’ underneath the hanging surround rim too much, as is the case in Picture A, performance (the volume under certain circumstances) may be reduced. In a multi-way speaker system (a loudspeaker casing with, for instance, a high tone and a low tone loudspeaker), the balance between the speakers can get distorted.
Picture B indicates what could be considered correct.
Picture C is the ideal situation.
Picture D is also excellent.
Picture E is correct from a technical standpoint, but it looks clunky. Such a setup makes it difficult to work neatly and often involves a lot of messing around (see also below).
Picture F is the correct situation.