29. Bose 901 speakers

Removing speaker grill Bose 901 mk3/mk4 speakers: (version December 2022)

This is a (small) part of the brochure to overhaul the cabinets of the Bose 901. The images are of a Bose 901 mk4. Following the tips is at your own risk, the author is not liable for this.

1a. Staples in the front. (6x)

1b. The front of the Bose 901 is secured with a total of 6 staples. The staples are approximately where indicated. They are apparently inserted by hand, the space can be about ± 1 cm. to be. (see bottom left)


1c. Do you see the staples yet? (see top right) The staples are hard to see.

1d. Here's the staple. We take a screwdriver of the right size and an old bread knife as support. If you don't use the bread knife, just press the screwdriver into the wood. (see bottom left)


1e. (see top right) Turn the screwdriver and pull out the staple. The staple can be mounted tight.

1f. (see bottom left) If the staple is out of the front a bit, pull the staple out with combination pliers. Do not push the pliers against the wood, but pull the staple out in a straight line, with careful pulling.


1g. (see top right) Here is the infamous staple.

1h. (see bottom left) Now DO NOT use a screwdriver to remove the front cover. This will incurably damage the front of the cabinet. Take a flat piece of metal, like a putty knife as shown below. Place it deep in the joint between the front and the cabinet and pop the front out.

1i. With the 901 mk5/mk6, the staples are also on the sides of the speaker. The side can be pulled out of the cabinet. That requires some effort and caution.

1j. Remove the rear panel. The rear front, if it has never been loose, can be quite stuck. You then have to apply some force for a longer period of time so that the double-sided adhesive tape slowly loosens. There are rings on the back panel around the bass reflex pipes. Place as shown your fingers behind the ring with both hands, and the thumb against the bass reflex pipe. (see bottom left)


1k. (see top right) Pull the sides towards the centre. You can see from the middle bass reflex pipe (this is from the front speaker) that the rear panel is coming loose.


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