28. Telephone contact?

Telephone contact with Audiofriends.

Calling Audiofriends is usually very inconvenient, for you and for Audiofriends. An e-mail is usually the medium to ask something, to pass on something, etc. We might like to give you some examples:

- With a question or message by e-mail, things can be searched via the internet, images, hyperlinks, etc. can be sent along, or be referred to another entrepreneur.

- If the customer does not speak fluent Dutch, English or German, it is inconvenient anyway. Dutch is the native language for Audiofriends, so fluently telling a technical story in another language can be very confusing.

- Communicating by telephone takes a lot of time, is clumsy and often unclear.
That is why we prefer e-mail to telephone.

Sorry for the inconvenience.