24. Running in your speakers?

24a. Running in your speakers?
New store-bought speakers need to be run in. The same is true in case the hanging surrounds have been replaced. It is best to let the loudspeakers only play quietly for a week. You will notice that, over time, the surrounds become more flexible, the low spectrum deepens and that the music has a fuller sound.
Because of this speakers will naturally be run in through use. We recommend not taxing the loudspeakers too heavily during the first 48 hours.  If, afterwards, you want to perform an accelerated run-in, you can do so here.
24b. Can I also perform an accelerated run-in of the speakers?
This is possible.  To this end, Audiofriends has a run-in signal (for bass loudspeakers). You can run in your repaired loudspeaker with sweep van 20-40 Hz:
  1. Position the speakers opposite one another.
  2. Set one speaker to normal + on + and the other - on - .
  3. Reverse the other speaker appropriately:  + on - and - on +.
  4. Download the sweep.
  5. Burn the sweep onto a CD.
  6. Arrange the same setup as below.
  7. Play the cd on ‘repeat’.
  8. NOTE: Watch the cone of the bass loudspeaker carefully when you turn up the volume.
  9. If done right, you should hardly hear it.
  10. Run in with a lower volume during the first 24 hours.
  11. NOTE: Monitor the amplifier carefully to make sure it does not overheat.
  12. Slightly raise the volume after 24 hours.
  13. Let the speakers play for approximately 3-7 days.