21. Dimensions of the speaker?

21. Why do you ask for the dimensions of the speaker?
Formerly, many series of loudspeakers were produced over a long period of time. Back then (and even to this day), so-called ‘batch variations’ often occurred. For instance, during production, suppliers were sometimes unable to follow through with their orders and therefore, parts were ordered from multiple suppliers.
These parts often differed slightly. It also often occurred that, during production, a slightly different unit was installed. This was done for purposes of improvement or because of the unavailability of previous units. It also occurred that one side of the speaker came from a different batch than the other side.
Even in the case that someone else would give me the dimensions, this not the optimal solution. You may end up paying for someone else’s mistakes.
Other configurations are usually not all that ‘difficult.’ There is a limited variety of surrounds  and things have a tendency ‘to fit easily.’ In order to be extra precise we advise you to cross-measure twice.