2. Is it worth to repair my speakers?

2. Is it worth it to have my speakers repaired?
Repairing a speaker with surround from Audiofriends is almost always viable. Having brands such as Tannoy, Kef, JBL, etc. revised is almost always a worthy investment. However, it is important to buy surround with the original fitting, which often are only available at Audiofriends.
There may be different reasons for repairing a speaker:
  • more quality for less money
  • especially for speakers of 15 years and older, but even for newer models: they will retain their value
  • if your speakers can retain their value, they are more easily interchangeable
  • if a certain model is out of production; ‘old love never dies’
  • a passion for old reliability
If you are not sure, you can ask us for an estimate. We have a lot of experience with loudspeakers. Personally, I have worked in specialist trade for years and we have almost all possible annual directories.