16. Special sized surrounds?

16. Does Audiofriends also have special sizes?
Many expensive loudspeaker brands have used deviating sizes. For JBL, Infinity, Tannoy, Dynaudio, Cerwin Verga, Acoustic Research, KEF, Dahlquist, etc., only Audiofriends has surrounds that have been specifically produced for these units.
Therefore, these surrounds are not standard surround rims for deviating sizes, but surround rims with the original fitting form or genuine:
among others:
Dynaudio: Almost all types genuine.
KEF:  3”KF, 10“KF
Tannoy:  10“TAN, 12”TAN und 15”TAN
8“VF-S, 5“RF-2, 3,5“LAB, 3“PEN-X, 4“PEE, etc.
The aforementioned surrounds not only have the original size, but also the original pliability / flexibility.
Audiofriends innovates and designs surrounds.