12. Who, what is Audiofriends?

12. Who, what and where is Audiofriends?
Audiofriends was founded in 1998 as a website for and by hi-fi hobbyists. The founder, F. Buist, has an M.T.S. (technical secondary school) degree and worked as a draughtsman, amongst others.
F. Buist developed a lot of do-it-yourself hi-fi and published manuals on www.audiofriends.nl. Other ‘Audiofriends’ have found their way to the website and contribute nice descriptions and manuals.
F. Buist started to work with hi-fi and with foam surrounds before the Internet era, long before the existence of Audiofriends. It goes without saying that a background as a proven hi-fi amateur also leaves its marks on the sale of loudspeaker parts. Currently, there is a small team behind Audiofriends.
Audiofriends has developed many things and has tested many loudspeaker parts. Based on 14 years of experience in the field of repairing worn-out loudspeaker surrounds.