1 x Foam surround for repair JBL cone = ±237 - 240mm.

Please check the sizes.

1 x Foam surround for repair JBL cone = ±237 - 240mm.
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Article code12inchJXL-2
Why measure the 12 inch JBL cones and compare them with the offered surrounds? This is because JBL has had several manufacturers for the cones with these speakers. As a result, the cone may be slightly larger or smaller than where this 12”JBL surround was specially manufactured for. This surround is specially manufactured for JBL speakers.

But there can therefore be a so-called batch difference, even between the speakers themselves with subsequent serial numbers of the cabinets. JBL speakers are sometimes too over powered and the speakers are the cones may then be reconed. So, if you do not want surprises, compare the size of the cone with the sizes of the surround offered. A small difference of about 1-2 mm. is no problem.

Please measure right: