Prices articles

Prices articles:

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, we had to raise various prices. This is due to the following reasons:

- Inflation in the USA will be over 8% in September 2022. The products to be purchased will then become more expensive, as will the shipping costs.

- The Netherlands has the highest inflation rate of all Euro countries, for example an inflation rate of 17.1% in September 2022. As you know, inflation is calculated over a year. The Euro has thus lost 17.1% in one year in the Netherlands.

- The unfavorable Dollar rate. Audiofriends experienced some while ago that 1 Euro was equal to 1.57 USD. Currently the USD is worth more than the Euro. We buy items in Dollars and sell the items in Euros. This means that Audiofriends now has to pay much more for the articles just because of the dollar exchange rate.

- Raw materials and shipping costs have risen sharply, both in Europe and in other countries.

All in all, we have had to raise prices in several places.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Audiofriends 27-November-2022